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Salary: $125000 – $155000


Join our team as the Chef de Cuisine for Hotel and chef of Restaurants overseeing 5-7 outlets, serving the needs of the business, our guests, and our colleagues by ensuring the best operations in the Culinary department.

Core Responsibilities

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of everything that needs to be done! Within the Hotel family, our people always find new ways to look after the business, their guests, and their teammates. responsibilities for this position are:

Within this, the key

  •  Participate in the preparation and implementation of the hotel’s strategic plan.
  •  Plan the yearly food revenue and profit target.
  •  Support the definition of the hotel’s Food & Beverage concept
  •  Manage menu development and pricing in line with the stated F&B objectives
  •  Seek out and establish local, regional and national supplier relationships for the hotel.
  •  Manage the preparation and presentation of food products to ensure the highest standards of quality

at all times. Monitor and check guest satisfaction.

  •  Adhere to religious beliefs in the preparation and services of all food on-premises.
  •  Adapt all food offerings to specific dietary preferences and requirements of our patrons as needed.
  •  Ensure that the Kitchen brigade are aware of the hotel F&B strategy and that their products meet these requirements
  •  Direct and coordinate the daily activities of all the hotel’s kitchens and team
  •  Coach and guide new members of the team, putting in place proper new hire orientation training and ongoing training and development for team members.
  •  Liaise with T&C overall employee matters including recruitment and interviewing.
  •  Control payroll and business expenses of the department.
  •  Support and facilitate staff participation in competitions.
  •  Support and release staff for Task Force Missions required to support the opening of new Hotels properties, and other special events catered by Hotel.
  •  Maintain the highest standards of Food Hygiene and adherence to all Health and Safety standards.
  •  Check and ensure the proper storage of raw and processed food items including the condition of food in freezers.
  •  Ensure all work areas in the kitchen are kept tidy and clean.
  •  Ensure we maintain a safe working environment.
  •  Attend guest and official functions as a representative of the executive team.
  •  Be a face for Hotel culinary expertise, creating powerful positive impressions.
  •  Deliver and exceed the expectations of a sophisticated 21st-century luxury consumer.

Skills and Abilities

  •  Ability to work a flexible schedule, including weekends and holidays, according to department need.
  •  Able to compute basic mathematical calculations.
  •  Ability to communicate in English with co-workers, guests, and management to their understanding.
  •  Ability to provide legible communication.

Required Qualifications

  •  Minimum of 3 years of kitchen leadership experience as Executive Sous or CDC of a highly acclaimed restaurant
  •  High school or Culinary Certificate or Degree by an accredited culinary agency preferred.
  •  Serve Safe Certification

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