Executive Chef | New American LES

One Haus

Salary: $120,000 – $140,000


To oversee and manage the seamless running of the kitchen by providing a highly efficient and effective service while ensuring that all financial and statutory requirements are met, and supporting the delivery of outstanding customer service.

Management of all line staff and kitchen management team to include interviewing, hiring,
training, scheduling, promoting, performance evaluations, disciplining, and termination.


  • Management and oversight of recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling, supervision of employees and overall performance and development of all kitchen and management employees.
  • Appraising employee’s overall productivity and efficiency for recommendations for promotions, performance evaluations, disciplining and/or terminations.
  • Assists with the preparation of the annual Business Plan ensuring Divisional Objectives fully address business objectives of the restaurant and needs of employees.
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of a detailed Department Operations Manual that reflects policies & procedures, work processes and standards of performance within the Division. Ensures annual review to accurately reflect any changes.
  • Assists with the preparation and regular update of the departmental budget, in close cooperation with the managing owner ensuring targets are met and costs are effectively controlled
  • To ensure the kitchen’s operational budget is strictly adhered to and all costs are strictly
  • To achieve or improve projected profitability of the kitchen
  • To monitor the kitchen’s operating costs and take corrective action where necessary to
    reduce expenditure
  • To create and prepare menu items according to the standard recipes, with flair, creativity
    and quality standards and expectations.
  • Control food costs and minimize waste of all food items.
  • Reviews menus, analyzes recipes, determines food, labor, overhead costs and assigns
    prices to menu items
  • To ensure that operating and kitchen equipment is maintained to a good standard with minimum breakage.
  • Being the “Example” at all times that the staff witnesses, and knowing that a much greater response from the staff is achieved by leading the way and not directing the way.
  • Instill a culture of pride and ownership.
  • To maximize employee morale and productivity.
  • To assist and train line staff and all kitchen
    management in the preparation of dishes and provide performance feedback.
  • To ensure the restaurant’s operational budgets are strictly adhered to, all costs are
    controlled and any expenditure approved.
  • To ensure the proper handling and storage of all food items according to health and safety
  • To abide by all federal, state and local labor, health and safety laws
  • To have a complete understanding of the restaurant’s policy relating to Fire, Hygiene and Safety; including staff training and adherence by all.
  • To have a complete understanding of the restaurant’s employee handbook and adhere to the regulations contained within it.
  • To develop an open culture of communication, both formal and informal and encourage employee involvement.

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