Chef de Cuisine


One Haus

Salary: $80000 – $90000

Job Details
The Chef de Cuisine is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the kitchen, ensuring that every dish served to our guest meets the highest quality standards.



  • Develop and execute culinary vision and program for Concept in collaboration with the Executive Chef and Chief Culinary Officer.
  • Train sous chefs, prep and line cooks on all recipe and  menu items.
  • Be an expert and educator of the food menu including dietary, allergen, and nutritional facts.
  • Establish and maintain SOPs for line set up, quality control, recipe adherence and sanitation practices. 

Maintain Standards of Excellence

  • Ensure we are offering consistently beautiful and delicious food to each guest.
  • Possess complete knowledge, execution, and enforcement of all food items – including ingredients, preparation methods, and presentation.
  • Be the uncompromising standard and example for your team in demonstrating how to uphold and adhere to our high standards for excellence.

Systems & Organization

  • Oversee and manage prep lists, ordering, and inventory.
  • Attend and help lead weekly kitchen meetings.
  • Ensure the schedule is accurate and posted in a timely manner. 

Cost & Labor Management

  • Maintain budgeted food cost by reducing waste and seek out areas of opportunity in this category.
  • Monitor employee hours and proactively adjust schedules and shifts whenever possible to maintain budget goals.


  • Set the example for how to lead and inspire a positive attitude, motivated, and professional kitchen.
  • Create and contribute to an inspiring and nurturing environment for the team.
  • Create a sense of unity, transparency, and support for peers and those in your command.
  • Commit to maintain the culture through the evolution of the business.
  • Be receptive to feedback.
  • Ensure consistent execution of company policies and procedures.
  • Cultivate an environment of open dialogue with the restaurant team.
  • Create an environment that is welcoming to all employees.
  • Hospitality starts on the inside. Resolve issues with a sense of urgency.

Teamwork & Collaboration 

Work closely with and delegate appropriately to sous chefs in order to achieve goals. Properly train and equip the sous chef and cook teams before delegating responsibilities. 

Training & Coaching

Always coach your team to do things the right way, the first time. Minimize employee turnover rates by taking time to effectively orient new employees, set clear performance expectations, train, coach, and give constructive performance feedback. Practice proactive performance management in partnership with upper management to ensure adherence to employment policies and procedures. Transfer knowledge on every shift – take each opportunity to coach the team. Develop/streamline restaurant processes in partnership with the team. Instill constant communication between key players, to ensure the flow of food from ordering to storage, preparation, and execution is optimized for the best guest experience. Streamline training and systems for the line. Ensure everyone is following these systems and processes. 


Professional Expectations:

  • Seeks and provides clarity for self and team
  • Exudes professionalism at all times
  • Acts with urgency and strong follow through 
  • Speaks up and contributes their ideas
  • Develops self and others 
  • Communicates clearly and regularly with necessary stakeholders

Compensation Details
Compensation: Salary (Based on Experience)
Benefits & Perks: Health insurance, Dental insurance, Vision insurance, Paid time off, Ret 401k, Dining discounts

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