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Salary: $90000 – $110000


This service and detail oriented, aesthetically minded, self-directed, hands on, obsessively organized professional will be responsible for day-to-day upkeep of the residences and all of the Principal’s household needs. This position reports to the Household Manager and encompasses housekeeping services, butler services, vendor assistance, food preparation, personal assistant services, and pet care. The Butler understands the job requires full-time in-residence support, with travel on request to Montana and New York and schedule flexibility necessary for a dynamic environment. The role requires a world class commitment to providing “6 Star” service to ensure uncompromising resident and guest experience. 

Key Responsibilities (including, but not limited to): 


  • Perform daily inspections and organization of the property to ensure smooth house operations.
  • Submit weekly housekeeping and property checklist reports to House Manager for review and reporting to Principal
  • Assist with third party service and repair vendors as requested by Household Manager, keeping accurate photo/video documentation of work performed, including sign in/out log for all personel that access the property daily
  • Assist with maintaining inventory, organization, and labeling of household items, furniture, equipment, event supplies, etc. Work with the Household Manager to ensure appropriate format and implementation meets the House Manual standards
  • Test Audio/Visual systems throughout the residences, including routine testing prior to guest and Principal arrival
  • Ensure security systems and protocols are used to ensure highest standards of safety, confidentiality, and privacy
  • Personally lead and perform cleaning daily per checklists and tasks provided by the Household Manager.
  • Utilize Household Operations Manuals, including daily/weekly/monthly checklists and ensure completion and submittal to Household Manager.
  • Utilize the Service Manual to ensure world-class capability in cleaning, food preparation, and service 



Meal Service:

  • Prepare, organize and serve family meals
  • Assist in the kitchen with meal preparation
  • Set table settings based on the needs of the meal provided by the household manager
  • Serve and clean up after family meals, business meetings and special events
  • Prepare and serve appetizers, drinks and dinner for formal and informal dinners, parties or at-home meetings. 
  • Assist with planning and executing first-class dinners and events (including food prep and/or catering) for large events, valet, entertainment, staff, rentals, etc. 
  • Serve during events, guest stays, meetings and social gatherings

Guest Reception and Concierge Services:

  • Receive guests upon arrival
  • Packing and unpacking for travel
  • Anticipating needs and provide “6 star” hotel level services for the principal and his guests
  • Laundry, steaming and ironing as necessary
  • Housekeeping
  • Pool side service.

Principal and Guest Care:

  • Assist with wardrobe management 
  • Maintenance of all electronic devices (computers, tablets and cell phones are always charged)
  • Clothing and grocery shopping
  • Driving, running errands

Pet Care:

  • Care for family animals and their needs determined by house manager
  • Monitor specific diet and pre-approved snacks
  • Manage medication administration and daily checklist
  • Daily walks and occasional grooming as needed



  • Executive support at home for Principal as needed, including coordination with family office and corporate staff as directed by the Household Manager 
  • Communicate and proactively manage all appointments with Household Manager in a thorough and timely manner; Ensure Principal is on time for all appointments as needed 
  • Keep accurate records and receipts of household expenses submitted weekly per the invoicing procedures; Identify cost saving opportunities where possible and report to Household Manager
  • Submit daily, weekly, and monthly signed checklist and tasks sheets to House Manager to maintain the highest level of transparency, accountability, and record keeping



  • Excellent judgment
  • Strong character, ethics and integrity
  • Service orientation at highest level of attentiveness. No job too menial to handle (e.g. always ensure that Principal is avoiding jobs that can be accomplished by others)
  • Polished and professional image
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Dual responsibility for East Hampton and New York City
  • Ability to use discretion and unwavering commitment to privacy and confidentiality
  • Action Orientation
  • Tenacity
  • Initiative
  • Unyielding willingness to be helpful
  • Razor sharp eye for detail
  • Organizational, management, and communication skills
  • Strong personnel management and development skills
  • Ability to problem solve with can-do attitude and little guidance
  • Cooking skills
  • Strong social skills
  • Computer skills (internet/email/Microsoft Word/Microsoft Excel/Microsoft Outlook/Mac or PC)
  • Supervisory and negotiating skills
  • Bi-lingual a plus
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Must be able to lift at least 75 pounds
  • Mechanically and technology savvy


  • Hospitality experience with highest commitment to excellence
  • Highest level Housekeeping, Maintenance and butlering experience
  • Strong character, ethics and integrity
  • Demonstrable organizational skills
  • Ability to effectively operate multiple properties 
  • Experience and interest in the fine arts, service, philanthropy and/or architecture; Strong sense of aesthetics
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures is helpful
  • Schedule must be uncompromisingly flexible due to the 24/7 on-call nature of the position, and frequent evening and weekend work; Must willing to live-in or out as needed 
  • Frequent travel between New York City and East Hampton is required as requested. Must be willing to travel to California or Montana occasionally for assistance with other properties as needed


  • Generous compensation package
  • Dynamic work environment
  • Room for growth
  • EOE

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