Front of House

Assistant General Manager


One Haus

Salary: $85000 – $95000

Manager Job Description

Manager of Inga’s should be knowledgeable and able to manage all aspects of the restaurant including but not limited to:

Manage, hire and discipline all FOH employees.  This includes detail-oriented training, emphasizing “midwestern” hospitality, guaranteeing staff has high proficiency in our wine and food programs, maintaining diversity and ensuring staff wellbeing.  Scheduling and payroll will also be spearheaded by the manager.

Guaranteeing guests’ satisfaction and experience.  Our customers are a lot of locals so this role  must anticipate their needs and dial up their experience.  Manager will be responsible for maintaining reservations, spotting VIPs, and setting a comp policy for staff.  Manager will also be the direct contact person for upset customers, customer emails, and will need to problem solve and communicate issues efficiently.  Manager will be in service as an active team member to both support hospitality and provide our team what it needs to be a success on a daily and nightly basis.

Maintaining restaurant workflow and budgets.  Manager is expected to keep the staff schedule on budget and also adjust, hire or dismiss employees according to restaurant revenue, reservations, and monthly sales goals.


Knowledge of wine purchasing and managing wine inventory.  Maintain wine list inventory, costing out wine, along with Wine Captain getting best costs and cultivating relationships with wine vendors, providing sales reports, and offering seasonal wine list changes. 

Oversee bar program.  This includes knowledge of the cocktail menu with bartenders (and Caron and Sean), costing out these cocktails, managing bartenders to assure accurate comps and adequate levels of backstock for beer and liquor.  Working with bartenders to assure the best possible atmosphere and seamless services.  Also monitoring staff drink policy.

Maintaining the physical restaurant space and supplies.  With all spaces, things age and break.   Manager is responsible for ensuring timely repairs of equipment, cleanliness of the space, and keeping adequate supplies for office/FOH staff.   This includes making sure we have adequate stock of tablewares, glassware, linens, menus, pins, coffee filters, etc.


Numbers.  Manager is required to run nightly, weekly and monthly reports to assess profitability and areas of success and improvement.  Manager needs to be clear on COGS and profit margin markers for non-food items.  Manager will run a weekly payroll and provide a weekly and monthly realtime AP list for all purchases (our POS system will have some capabilities here).   Manager will implement and maximize the tools it provides for easy services and report gathering. 

Health Department Compliance.   Manager will need to have a food handlers permit and train staff to maintain DOH compliance at all times.  Manager must do the necessary follow-up and communications with DOH officers to assure A rating for the restaurant. 

Set up and maintain clear communication lines with Caron, Sean and staff.  Manager is expected to set up and utilize a simple and effective communication platform for managers/employees to have full transparency of goings-on and general restaurant activity. 

Assist in kitchen management and quality control  The Manager position will be the senior manager on duty when Sean and Caron are off site.  

Licensing.  Manager will be given a list of basic operating licenses to be maintained and updated at all times.

HR compliance.  Manager will assist in building a basic employee handbook that meets all HR compliances (our company lawyer has a basic one to use and expand upon) and will be required to hold all employees to the standards of the guidelines provided in the handbook.

Additional character and managerial expectations – 

As people who have been working in restaurants for years and love going out, we opened Inga’s because we love hospitality and taking care of people.  We hope this is true for our Managerand we expect empathy and kindness to be his/her/their first instinct for problem solving.  A successful Manager is a clear communicator, efficient and has a genuine passion for hospitality and food/wine.  As a small business, we aim to streamline the work and need our Manager to be proactive at moving the restaurant forward and inspiring and empowering the team to excel.  Accountability and the ability to follow through on tasks as well as to transparently communicate shortcomings or road bumps before they become an issue is a must.

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